October 2016


Adult Recognition Awards 2016 - Photos

Congratulations to everyone who was recognised at the 2016 Scouts WA Adult Recognition Awards held on 11 September 2016. Photos from the event are now available to view online. To view the photos please click here, then click on ‘Scouts WA Adult Recognition Awards 2016’ and enter the password as ‘Scouts’ (please ensure it has a capital ‘S’).

These photos can be downloaded for free until 11 November 2016. After this date they can be obtained by contacting BHQ on (08) 6240 7700.



!Position Vacant!

Has the Messengers of Peace Award interested you? Having read through what the award entails on our Scouts WA Website here, and the new guidelines that show how our Youth and Leaders can earn the award - are you interested to become an Ambassador for the program in Western Australia? WA Branch is currently looking for a Branch Leader Messengers of Peace to help share this role with all Scouts in WA. 

This role will include being part of a Global Network of Scouts to help us work towards the target of one billion hours of service. Assistance will be given for the successful applicant to complete Basic LOA Training, and ongoing mentorship for their participation in the Youth Programming Team of Scouts WA. More details on the position or to apply please click here. Applications close 4 November 2016.



BHQ Staff Volunteering Hours

The BHQ staff and MAC team have set themselves a challenge for 2016, not counting the time they spend in uniform, they want to reach a target of 3000 volunteer hours for Scouts WA! Click here to see their progress. 



Branch Head Quarters - Swipe Access Cards

 To all members who are currently using the facilities at Scouts WA BHQ, who have been issued with a swipe access card in the past, please take note that the card you have used in the past will no longer be functioning as of 1 November 2016.

If you require an access card after 1 November then please arrange to bring in or mail your old card to the Facilities Officer at 133 Scarborough Bch Rd, Mount Hawthorn, WA 6016 before the 1 November 2016 as it will need updating. Thank you to everyone for your cooperation.



Branch Rules - Water Activities 2016 

Please click here to download the current copy of the Scouts WA Branch Rules Water Activities, revised and updated by members of the WA Sea Scout Council 2016. 



Bus For Sale - Goollelal Greenwood Group

Goollelal Greenwood Scout Group are updating their 21 seat Nissan Civilian bus and would like to offer it to another Scout Group to purchase!

This is a great opportunity for your Group if you are already considering buying a bus as it has recently passed a September 2016 inspection and re-registration, it has less than 300,000km on the odometer and runs very well. There are lap belts on all seats with a lap sash on the front two seats. No transfer of registration will be required as it is already registered to Scouts WA.

Be quick to send in your enquires, at the cost of only $7,500ono it wont last long! If you are interested, please contact Dave from Goollelal Greenwood Scout Group on dave.lowry@optusnet.com.au



Christmas Badges 2016

Please click here for the full size images of the 2016 Scouts WA Christmas Badges.

If you would like to place an order for one or both of these badges please either email the amount of badges you wish to order to accounts5@scoutswa.com.au or call the Scout Store on (08) 6240 7720 during the opening hours shown below:

Tuesday   :  10am to 2pm

Thursday :  11am to 3pm

Saturday  :  9am to 12pm

Make sure you specify which style of badge you would like to order and the number of each (Cub 100yr or Santa); the cut off date for placing an order is 30 October 2016.



Child Safe Organisations WA Seminar

There will be two seminars held at different locations, on different days. These highly sought after full day seminars aim to help leaders and managers reflect on the key considerations in developing and maintaining an organisational culture that is child-focused, respectful and accountable. Click here to book a place in the seminar. Limited seats are available.

Seminars will be held on the following dates between 9:00am – 4:00pm:

Karratha - Wednesday 2 November

Bunbury - Thursday, 10 November



Child Protection Procedure Update 

Please click here to see an updated copy of the Child Protection Procedure. The document is also available through MyScout by clicking on ‘Resources/Documents’ then typing ‘Child Protection Procedure’ into the search bar and clicking ‘Quick Find’. 



Cub Wide Game 2016

The Cub Wide Game is an outdoor game run during the warmer months, based on a different theme each year. There is no specific date the wide game is held your pack can organise the game to be played anytime from September through to December this year. This activity emphasises having fun outdoors using the skills you have learnt during the year. Once a pack has completed their Wide Game, they must complete a badge order form and send it to BHQ. Cub Wide Game badges will then be posted to the Cub Leader for distribution to their pack.

Click here for more information about the activity and here for the badge order form. 2016 Cub Wide Game badge order forms must be emailed to eventsadmin@scoutswa.com.au or handed in to Daniel at BHQ before 2 December 2016.



Flight Travel

If you are travelling on Scouts WA business, please notify Pauline at ea2@scoutswa.com.au of the flight you would like and she will make the booking for you (any travel required for training purposes is to be referred to Sarah at training@scoutswa.com.au). We no longer reimburse for flights you have booked yourself. Pauline will ensure that your Frequent Flyer Number is entered on the booking as well as ensuring that Aquire Points are gained.

If you are travelling on Qantas for private purposes and would like to assist Scouts WA to gain more Aquire Points, please insert the Scouts WA ABN# 59 653 914 921. Scouts WA uses the Aquire Points to send members to National Meetings at reduced or no cost, so every little bit helps. Please help us if you can, it will be greatly appreciated!



Freemasons Open Day 

Did you know that Baden Powell Freemasons Lodge, West Australian Council, supports the Leaders and youth of Scouts WA? Do you have a history of Freemasonry in your family or have you wondered what goes on inside a Masonic Building? Well this is your chance to find out!

Come along to the Freemasons Open Day held by the Grand Lodge Western Australia at the Victoria Park Masonic Hall, corner of Albany Highway and Temple Street, Victoria Park on 13 November 2016. Click here to download the flyer or for more information please contact John Robertson at the Baden Powell Lodge on har62@bigpond.com.



MAC News - Ongoing Projects


Visitors to MAC could not help but notice the amount of discarded building material, old pavers, scrap metal, parts of unused activity equipment etc. lying around the site. Much of this has now been removed and the site is gradually becoming much more presentable Scrap metal bins have arrived this week to clear “junk alley” of years of accumulated junk and car bodies. The workshop is now cleared and accessible as is the adjoining store giving much needed storage and work space. Click here to see the photos. 



MAC Fire Team Update

The MAC Fire Team headed up by Michael Edwards with the assistance of an enthusiastic and dedicated group of mainly ex Rovers, many of whom are also volunteer firefighters and SES volunteers at various Local Government Authorities around WA, have done a fantastic job!

Initially the Fire Team were hopelessly under resourced for the task expected of them as the proposed DPaW lease requires them to conduct extensive burn offs to reduce fuel loads including clearing of fire breaks and tracks on a 300-hectare property.

The equipment the fire team had at their disposal consisted of an old two-wheel drive Ford Courier ute with a 1000 litre fire tank on the back towing a trailer without brakes carrying another 1000 litre tank. The potential for disaster from a lightweight, four-cylinder ute carrying two tonnes of water on the narrow bush tracks around MAC doesn’t bear thinking about!

After looking at options with a very limited budget the MAC Fire Team were able to purchase at auction an ex CALM 3-4 fire truck. (3-4 is a 4WD dedicated bush fire truck carrying 3000 litres of water with a high capacity diesel powered pump). They also purchased at auction a Nissan patrol 4WD diesel ute which they have transferred the firefighting rig from the Ford Courier onto.

With extensive volunteer labour and some donated and repurposed equipment they now have two capable fire trucks worth well in excess of their purchase price and are well equipped to conduct extensive fire mitigation burns aimed at reducing the fuel loads on site, thus complying with the proposed lease terms and making MAC much safer for everyone.

Even with the unusually wet winter making it difficult to conduct effective burns, the Fire Team have managed to burn more in the last three months than has been conducted at MAC in years. They have burnt large areas which have been identified as being of the greatest risk as well as protecting the areas surrounding buildings and assets. The areas surrounding the Caretaker’s residence and the new training rooms have been cleared of any overhanging trees and have been extensively burnt to the point that it is now as safe as it can be for the coming summer. The Fire Team hope to clear overhanging trees around Gilwell and the Youth centre and burn these areas before the total fire ban comes into effect on 1 December 2016, after this point we will direct efforts into clearing roads and fire breaks. Click here to see the photos. 



MAC - Governor's Drive Toilets


The toilets at Governor’s Drive and Top End Track have both been upgraded with the addition of 12 metres of leach drain at each location. This was to supply much needed capacity for Enduro as both of these facilities had been unable to cope with the load in all previous years. Click here to see the photos.



MAC Q-Store Update


The Q store has been reorganised with equipment catalogued and racked with an itemised computer program listing all items with their locations within the store. We will shortly be looking for interested volunteers to form a new “Q store team” to manage the area and control equipment usage on an ongoing basis. Click here to see the photos. 



Manjedal Adventure Days - Make Sure You Have a Booking!

There will be adventure days running at Manjedal Activities Centre for the rest of the year. Four activities will run each day, two between 9:30am-12:30pm and two between 1:30pm-4:30pm. For more information on dates and prices please click here.



 New Branch Commissioner Cub Scouts

It is with great pleasure that we announce the vacant role of Branch Commissioner Cub Scouts has been filled by Loz Lovatt. Loz is an amazing and creative Cub Leader from Carey Park Scout Group in Bunbury, who first became a Cub Leader in 2006.

In her spare time, Loz is a Leader Trainer and the Team Leader for Cub Scout Leader Training. Loz was a member of the Youth Program Review Stage 4 team. Loz will continue to be a Cub Leader at Carey Park, in addition to her Branch Commissioner role.



Remembrance Day 2016

Venturers, linking Scouts, Leaders and all members of Scouts WA are invited to join in the Venturers WA Remembrance Day Service from 6pm at the State War Memorial, Kings Park on Friday 11 November 2016.

For more details please click here to download the flyer.



Requirements for Members Turning 18

Scouts WA already require all members over the age of 18 to have a current Working with Children Card (WWCC) and have submitted Adult Membership paperwork to Branch. Group Leaders and Crew Leaders, it is your responsibility to make sure that Youth Members in your Group who are nearing the age of 18 apply for a WWCC and submit an A1 form to Branch. This must be done by all members once they turn 18, whether they are moving into Rovers or taking on a role as a Leader or Adult Helper. If this is not done by three months after the youth member’s 18th birthday, their Scouts WA membership will be cancelled.

If you need any assistance with this process, please contact the Membership Officer at BHQ on (08) 6240 7700 or membership@scoutswa.com.au



Scouts@Info and ScoutsNews Have a New Look!

There have been some changes made to the fortnightly Scouts@Info (sent to Scouts WA members) and to the monthly ScoutsNews (sent to Parents of members). A Table of Contents has been added which will navigate you to the section of the newsletter you wish to read simply by clicking on the word (eg. click on the word EVENTS within the Table of Contents and you will be directed to the Upcoming Events section of the Newsletter). Some other cosmetic changes were made so there is now a visual difference between the Scouts@Info and the ScoutsNews.

These changes have been made to help Scouts WA members read and refer back to the newsletters easier. Any feedback in regards to the changes, whether it is positive or negative, will be extremely appreciated! Please email all feedback through to Kirsty on developmentadmin@scoutswa.com.au



Scouting in Schools - ECU Twilight Seminar REMINDER 

Please help us to convince Edith Cowan University (ECU) that introducing Scouting in Schools as an elective for undergraduates is a great thing to do!

ECU Mt Lawley is going to gauge interest by offering a seminar as part of their suite of professional development activities for teachers. If we get enough interest they will be favourably disposed to offering the elective. The seminar will be delivered by Peter Walton and will count towards professional development required by the Teacher Registration Board of WA.

Date: Tuesday 18 October 2016

Time: 3:30pm - 5.00pm

Location: ECU Mt Lawley Campus, Lecture Theatre 17.103

Presenter: Peter Walton OAM and Immediate Past Chairman of the Scouts WA Board; with his team of Scouting experts and educators.

Please come along and invite all of your teaching friends. Afternoon tea will be provided! To book your place, click here.



Update on Casual and Regular Hire of Scout/Community Halls

Scouts WA have recently revisited the guidelines for Scout Groups hiring out Scout facilities to third parties on a casual and/or regular basis. We understand it is important for Groups to supplement membership fees with revenue generated from hiring their hall, as well as income from various other fundraising activities, to help pay for the running costs of their Groups facilities.

Based on our insurer’s advice and the new guidelines for hiring out Scout facilities, Scout Groups can continue hiring Scout facilities out on a casual and/or regular basis, including to third parties without public liability insurance cover.

The following example pertains to an event giving rise to a claim for damages resulting from negligence causing bodily injury or property damage:

- In the event where a Scout Group has hired out a hall to a third party hirer and a member of the public is injured, the Scouts WA policy will respond and cover Scouts for any liability that attaches to Scouts.

- The Scouts WA policy will not cover the hirer for any damages they may find themselves liable to pay.

Guidelines for casual/regular hire of Scout facilities:

- Check that your lease/license does permit casual hire of facilities. Please consult BHQ Facilities Officer on facilities@scoutswa.com.au if you are unsure.

- Avoid high risk functions - for example, 16-25th birthday parties or hens/bucks night parties.

- Always sign a ‘Conditions of Usage’ agreement’ (Click here to see the updated sample agreement and refrain from using recently distributed ‘P8 – Scouts WA Hall Hire Form’).

- Collect a hire bond amount of your choice.

- Request a copy of the ‘Certificate of Currency’ from hirer's who have public liability insurance.

- Casual hirer's who do not have public liability insurance cover are to acknowledge they will be liable for any possible property damage, personal injury or death to third parties arising out of the use of the facility and that they will not be covered by the Scouts WA public liability insurance cover.

- Hirer to declare he/she is over the age of 18 (See declaration clause of updated ‘Conditions of Hire Agreement’).



Venturers Halloween Abseiling Night 

Venturers… come along and have a freaky Halloween with the abseiling team!

The Scouts WA Abseiling Team are holding a Halloween themed night at Mountain Quarry, Coulston rd, Boya. The event will be held on Saturday 29 October 2016 from 6:00pm to Midnight. Click here to download the flyer.

Register now by sending a copy of the Y3 form attached here to keneu@optusnet.com.au. There are only 30 places available and entries close as soon as they are filled, so get in quick! The cost of the event is $30 and the first 30 people to register will receive more details on how to pay.

This will be a freaky but fun filled night. Make sure you come dressed in a costume that is suitable to abseil in and that you bring a head lamp. We hope to see you there!



Webley Downs District Fair

The Wembley Downs District Fair, co-ordinated by the Wembley Downs Scout Group, is being held on 29 October 2016 between 8:30am – 3:00pm at the Luita Street Reserve, Wembley Downs.

There will be live entertainment, rides, food, animals and free entry into the event. Click here to download the flyer for more information.