September 2016



Associations Act 2015

As you will be aware, after reading the agenda for this year's AGM, Scouts WA have already changed its Rules of Association to comply with the Associations Act 2015. It has been done three years before the deadline. The new Rules were approved by the Board, deemed to be compliant by the Commissioner for Consumer Affairs on 12 August 2016 and were noted at the AGM. The changes were not required to be voted on, only noted at the AGM.

Our Rules of Association were already robust, the changes made were minimal, however, it is worth noting that all Committee members, whether they be at a Group or Branch level, have a Duty of Care and need to make sure that they are prepared for their meetings and have an understanding of the operations of their Group/Branch and financial position.

The new Rules of Association have been on the website since 12 August 2016, please take a look if you have not already done so by clicking here



Cub Scout Record Book Inserts

Please see the attached inserts here that can be used for the Cub Scout Record Book. These inserts capture Breaking the Cycle into the bronze, silver and gold boomerangs, Messengers of Peace and the Walkabout badges. Cubs that have already completed that element do not need to redo it.

These can be used by Cub Leaders and Cubs until new books are printed. Traditionally, Cubs complete the requirements that are listed in their record books. Cub Leaders could choose to add these pages to any new books they hand out. These pages have also been published on Scout Central.

For more information, speak to your Regional Commissioner Cubs.



Cub Wide Game 2016

 Info on the Cub Wide Game 2016 can be found here and the badge order form can be found here.



Future Secretary General

We are looking for a competent and skilful person who will be able to provide visionary leadership to the World Scout Bureau, and WOSM at large. To support this initiative, if you know someone who fits the profile indicated in the Information Pack attached here, don’t hesitate to let them know about this fantastic opportunity and encourage them to apply. The deadline to apply is 7 October 2016.

It could be someone who is already involved in Scouting (as a volunteer or staff), it can also be someone with management experience in the NGO or business sectors. If you have a name that you think would be suitable for this position, and should be approached by the ‘Search and Selection Task Force’, or if you are interested in applying yourself then please let us know.



Lotterywest Grant Recipients

Congratulations to all of those who applied for the Lotterywest block grant. This year, Lotterywest granted Scouts WA a total of $144,918, that’s $20,000 more than in 2015!

This amount has assisted various Groups with camping equipment, boating equipment, defibrillators, a storage facility and many more items to benefit their Group. Click here to see who received a Grant. 



 MAC Improvements

Click here to see photos of the start of the new supply line from the bores to the top holding and treatment tanks. There were 200 meters laid on 31 August 2016. It is hard work digging but progress is being made!



 MAC Training Rooms

As part of the upgrading of MAC, new training rooms have been constructed thanks to the efforts of Mark Thorpe, Pauline England and Kevin Pestell. They were previously sleeping quarters attached to the MAC Manager’s property.  Simon and Kath Sterner, our wonderful new volunteer caretakers have graciously given up the rooms to allow them to be refurbished for training. The rooms are a welcome addition and the new MAC Manager has added to their useability by having a sink and outside power installed. Click here to see the photos.

Please remember that these rooms are very close to Simon and Kath’s living quarters so it would be appreciated if the noise could be kept to a minimum when entering and leaving the rooms.  Certainly, there is no sleeping in the rooms.  It is hoped that a fence will be constructed to give Simon and Kath some privacy very soon!



 MAC Activity Days

There will be adventure days running at Manjedal Activities Centre for the rest of the year. Four activities will run each day, two between 9:30am-12:30pm and two between 1:30pm-4:30pm. For more information on dates and prices please click here



Q Store Clean Up


Brad Johnston has spent some weeks preparing an inventory of the Q Store and several sea containers click here to see the organised shed in preparation for Enduro.  If you would like to view the video but your system is not compatible, please email and we will send a copy of the video to you via email.



Scouts WA Heritage Centre Volunteering Hours

The Scout Heritage Centre Volunteers as an intrepid band of archivists and historians also put in an enormous effort on behalf of Scouts WA.

Click here to see how many hours they have donated to Scouts WA.



Scouts WA BHQ Staff Volunteering Hours

The BHQ staff and MAC team have set themselves a challenge for 2016, not counting the time they spend in uniform, they want to reach a target of 3000 volunteer hours for Scouts WA!

See their progress so far in the table attached here.


The Board of Scouts WA Welcomes a New Chairman

At the first meeting of newly elected/appointed and continuing members, the Scouts WA Board elected Mr Peter Iancov to the position of Branch Chairman. Click here for his biography.
He will be ably supported by Ms Wavne Rikkers and Dr Daniel Vujcich who were re-elected to the positions of Branch Deputy Chairman and Branch Secretary. The staff at BHQ are all looking forward to working with both new and continuing Board Members. For a full list of Board Members please click 

Update From ILO Officer
Click here to see the most recent update from our Incident Liaison Officer.


Warbler August 2016

The August edition of the Warbler is attached here. It is also available online here.