Frequently Asked Questions


Being the parent of a Joey Scout can be as much fun as being a Joey Scout yourself!

As a parent you will see your child develop and grow into a confident, well-rounded, adventurous, caring member of society.

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that may help you to make the decision about joining Joey Scouts.


How long does a Joey meeting go for?
A Joey Scout meeting goes for one hour or an hour and a half depending on the Mob.


Do I have to stay with my child?
It's good to stay for a little while on the first week to see them settle in and to reassure yourself that they are happy and making friends, but you don't have to stay. It depends on your child and how they adapt to new things.
Some Mobs may need some parents to stay and have a parent roster of parents who can help out by running games or supervising activities - your Joey Leader will have more information about that for you.
Of course, parents that stay often join in the fun and have a great time too!


Can I go on camp with my child?
Parents and caregivers are welcome to go on sleepovers and overnight camps with their child. Scouts WA policy does not allow parents or other adults to sleep in the same room as Joey Scouts. However, you can stay close by to reassure your child if needed, and join in all the fun activities with the Joeys. Every parent that attends a Scouting event overnight must have a current Working With Children Check Card or have shown their Group Leader or Joey Leader a copy of their Working With Children Check Card application receipt. Parents who do not have a WWC card or have not applied for one are welcome to join in the daytime activities on camps, but cannot stay overnight on the same site as the Joey Scouts.

 Camps and Joey sleepovers are a great opportunity for you to spend some quality one on one  with your child and to take an interest in their world.


What does my child have to take to Joey Scouts?
This might vary from Mob to Mob but it is a good idea to take a bottle of water and a hat for sunny days.
Any medication such as inhaler or Epi-pen should be left with the Leader and you should check that your Leader is aware of any medical issues such as allergies and how to deal with them before you leave your child at Joey Scouts for the first time.
A Leader will get you to fill out a Youth Member Application and Health Statement for your child when you come and try for the first time.


Where do I get the Joey Scout Uniform?
Your Joey Leader may have some second hand uniforms available at the Hall but you can also purchase new ones at the WA Scout Store, which is located at Scouts WA Branch Headquarters and is open on Tuesday mornings, Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings. For Scout Store details, click here


Where do I put the Badges?
The placement of the badges that your Joey is given at their investiture ceremony are shown on the chart here
Other badges such as activity badges will be sewn on to a Badge blanket or dilly bag and your Leader will tell you what badge goes where when they give it to you.
Joeys have an enormous sense of pride in earning a badge so it's great when a parent sits down and sews the badge on with them and reflects on their child's achievement.


How much does Joey Scouts cost?
There is a two part fee structure for Joey Scouts. Once you and your child decide to join Joeys and your child is invested, you will be invoiced a 'Branch Membership Fee'. This is $184 for your first child in Scouts, $147 for your second child in Scouts, $120 for your third child in Scouts, and $92 for your fourth and subsequent children. This fee covers 12 months from the joining date of insurance, administrative costs, and membership of Scouts WA, Scouts Australia, and the World Scout Movement.

Most Groups also charge a 'Group Fee', which is payable to your Scout Group and covers things like equipment, some excursions, and Group activity shirts. This fee varies from Scout Group to Scout Group, so please ask your Joey Leader or Group Leader how much it is in your specific Group. Arrangements can be made in most circumstances for families who are experiencing financial difficulties.


Does the fee include camps, excursions or special activities?
No, special events, camps and excursions may incur an extra cost but every effort is made to make these adventures available for everyone.
Please speak to your Leader or Group Leader if you have financial difficulties to make arrangements so that your Joey Scout does not miss out.