Meet Sarah, a Joey Scout Leader who has been a member of Scouts WA for 5 years.


How long have you been involved with Scouts?

I started in Scouts in 2008 as a Cub Scout Leader when my eldest child wanted to join Cubs. The Group was very popular and they needed more Leaders before any more kids could join. I stayed with Cubs for 2 years and I'm now in my 3rd year as a Joey Leader.

Were you a Youth Member?

No, I was a Brownie and Girl Guide. Girls weren't really involved in Scouting so much back then, so it's fantastic that they have so much more choice now.

 What made you decide to become a Joey Leader?

Our Group didn't have a Joey Mob, and myself and another Mum both had 6 year olds wanting to join. We thought we would give it a go, and maybe it would be just our kids! We had 12 turn up the first night and it's gotten bigger and bigger since!

What are some benefits for you of being a Leader?

For me it's been the chance to be involved with my kids on their Scouting journey and to learn along with them. We have had so many adventures together and tried things we would never have without the opportunities of Scouting. I would encourage all parents to come and give Scouting a try.

What’s the best thing about being a Leader?

The friendships I have made with my fellow Leaders, parents and Joey Scouts. Working in a corporate job it's also great to have the chance to be a big 6-year-old sometimes!

What sort of things do you do with your Joeys?

The sky's the limit with our programs; we get input from the Joeys and they have amazing ideas. We go on scavenger hunts, practice circus skills, celebrate other cultures, dress up, make art, play games and often get very messy doing it!

Tell us about one of your favourite memories of being a Joey Leader.

Too many to choose! I think meeting new Joey Scouts as often quiet and hesitant little 6-year-olds, and watching them grow into confident, creative little people who are willing to tackle new challenges is what makes being a Joey Leader such an amazing opportunity. Whether it's seeing them achieve their Promise Challenge or have their first campfire. And we have an absolute ball doing it too.