Northam Scout Campsite


About 97km east of Perth and 4.5 km west of Northam, about 0.7km east on Great Eastern Highway of junction of road into Northam (Mitchell Avenue) and Great Eastern Highway (Northam bypass). 

The campsite southern boundary is the north side of the Kep Track, which in this area follows the Goldfields Pipeline.  It is not fenced. The Kep Track goes from Mundaring Weir to Northam. The track is used for hiking, walking, cycling, and horse-riding.


  • Large ex-military shed, suitable for camping in if necessary, is not lockable.
  • Bush Chapel south east of shed rear.
  • There are no toilets on site and access to drinking water is extremely limited, so visitors will need to bring what they need with them to Northam.

Cost of use of campsite: $2 per person per night for Scout Groups. Payment by cheque payable to Scouts WA. Contributions will be banked to contribute to the operating and development costs of the site.


Other considerations

With the decline in Scouting in Northam and the Avon District in the past, Scouts WA made little use of the site for many years. In that time some people have viewed the site as abandoned and it is known to many in the area, some of whom consider it public space to use as they wish. It is also close to the Northam “Yongah Hill” Immigration Detention Centre and has been used by protestors as a camp site. Homeless people have also been known to use it.

Police: It is a good idea to advise the Northam Police (0896224240) before the start of your camp of your presence and location, and invite them to drop in for a coffee etc as a courtesy. Discretion should be exercised with any uninvited visitors, especially people just walking through, but the reality is that they have no right of entry to the site and if it gets difficult, call the Police. If the “guests”  are away from you and no risk to you, it may be wise to leave well enough alone. 

Medical facilities: Northam Hospital is in Robinson Street 0896901300.  In an emergency, call 000

Gate Key: available from Neil Macpherson. Keys will be posted to you, and should be returned by return post with payment for the site use within 5 days.

There is a Scout Group in Northam and they may visit while you are there.

Staves: You may cut staves for your own use, but they must be cut below ground level so that cleared areas can be used for camping.

Fires: Observe all fire restrictions by checking Shire of Northam website or calling Council offices.  Fires must be kept adequate for cooking when allowed, and have a suitable clearing (fire break) of at least 3 metres all around. There is a lot of fuel so caution is always required.


For bookings and further information, contact 

Property Officer
Scouts WA