Jamboree-On-The-Air and Jamboree-On-The-Internet is a worldwide Scouting event on the third weekend of October every year. JOTA has Scouts and Guides connecting with each other via amateur radio setups, and JOTI utilises the internet with IRC, Discord, Minecraft, Teamspeak, and more.
For more information about this annual event, you can read more online at the World JOTA/JOTI Website - To contact the JOTA/JOTI Coordinator for WA, you can send an email here.


Event Bases in WA

Click here to download the JOTA/JOTI 2018 Base List (v1) PDF.

Event Base Details

Click here to download the Belmont (Girl Guides WA HQ) Base Flyer (PDF).
Click here to register your Mob/Pack/Troop/Unit/Crew's visit to the Wireless Hill Base in Applecross.

Tech Guide

To help Event Bases and anyone at home wanting to participate with desktops, laptops, smart phones or tablets, Scouts WA have updated our Tech Guide with info on JOTI Radio, ScoutLink, ScoutWired, and more (v1).
Click here to download the 2018 Tech Guide.

Can't wait until JOTA/JOTI starts?

Click on the following links for more information resources and services for for this event:
Avon Scout Radio (JOTI Radio) | ScoutLink (IRC) | ScoutWired (Discord Chat) (Minecraft Server)



Thank you to everyone who participated in JOTA/JOTI in 2017 - we hope you had a fantastic time, and we look forward to seeing you back again next year! Click here to see the archived webpage and links to resources from 2017.