International Scouting

Scouting is a passport to experience the world in a way that most travellers can’t enjoy.

You’re part of a global movement which unites over 50 million people. What better way to make new friends from different countries and share some incredible cultural experiences.

If travel isn’t an option just yet, you can find yourself a Pen-Pal, or host an international student.

If you are keen for adventure, there are a few ways to go about it, including International Events and Contingents, taking your Group ('Branch Friendship Tours') or going by yourself. You can also have an international experience without leaving your hall!

 Campsite at the 2015 World Scout Jamboree!

Ways to travel overseas

National Programs




Group and Independent Travel
Group Travel - 'Branch Friendship Tours' (BFT's)


Independent/Family Travel - 'International Letters of Introduction' (ILoI's)

Any member can complete an application for an International Letter of Introduction (ILoI). The ILOI is a WOSM endorsed document serves as evidence to any overseas Scouts you encounter that you are a registered Australian Scout. However, an LOI is only issued to members whenever they have plans to participate in or visit a Scouting program or activity whilst overseas; if you do not provide detail of any planned Scouting involvement overseas, you will not be eligible for a LOI.

We need to know:

  • the date/s you intend to meet,
  • where you are meeting,
  • and who your contact is.

This information is then used to formally inform the National Scout Organisation that you will be visiting their Scouts. There is also a cost of $50.00, which includes the downloadable ILoI, two new Australian scarves and postage to any Australian address.

Applications for an ILoI require the approval of both the Branch Commissioner International and the International Commissioner, Scouts Australia (IC). 
While Scouts WA cannot support you as an individual traveller overseas, there are things we would recommend you have while travelling, such as travel insurance, to have registered with Smart Traveller and check any advice or alerts issued on Smart Traveller for where you intend to visit.

The process for applying for a ILoI is now online via the Scouts Australia International Event System - OLEMS. You can find instructions on how to apply for an ILoI on the T3 Form on MyScout.

To create an account on the Scouts Australia International Event System (OLEMS), you can do that here.



Keen to get involved with the annual Jamboree-On-The-Air and Jamboree-On-The-Internet for? There are a range of services that you can get involved with - like IRC, Discord, TeamSpeak, Minecraft, and much more.

Click here to find out more and access resources.

Click here to read the World Scouting 2017 JOTA/JOTI Annual Report.

Planning your own International Trip?

Keen to start planning your own visit to one of the dozens of Scout Centres around the world? Thinking about planning a trip to a national Jamboree in France, or a camp at Philmont Scout Ranch in the United States? The International Team is here to help you plan your next getaway, and can help with paperwork and more.

International Scouting Locations include:

Some of these locations are open seasonally, or for certain age groups (eg. BSA's Summer Camp Program is for members aged 18-30).

Scouts International Student Exchange Program

Venturer Scouts are able to challenge themselves by taking part in a unique and extraordinary student exchange program offered by Scouts Australia. Venturers can choose to host a Scout from, and later travel to, Denmark or Japan. The exchange program includes going to school, participating in Scout events, and enjoying ordinary life in a whole new country. To travel overseas, Venturer Scouts must host an overseas Venturer Scout first.

Australian Venturer Scouts initially host a Danish or Japanese Scout for about 5 weeks in winter, showing them school, Scouts and ordinary life in Australia. Australian Venturers then travel to their chosen country around December of the same year, to experience another culture for themselves.

Upcoming International Events?
A full list of all International Scouting opportunities is available online, where Scouts Australia is planning to send an official Contingent. Click here to see the list, with opportunities through to 2023. 
If you know of an additional event that you are interested to attend, please contact us and we can support you in seeing how you can participate.

"International Scouting activities and events may have different age requirements than Scout Events in Australia - for example, World Scout Jamborees are for Scouts aged 13-17, while Australian Jamborees at for Scouts from Pioneer Level to age 14."



For more information about any of the information above, or for any questions about International Scouting, please contact the Branch Commissioner International - - or visit the Scouts Australia International Website.